Artist Neel Muller


Malibu resident Neel Muller has a restless mind – which goes to explain why he has explored almost every medium, from painting to sculpture, from furniture design to photography and fine art.

He working creatively in some of the biggest and influential ad agencies in the world. “I used my drawing skills every day to help clients visualize and understand my ad concepts.” Neel explains.

“I’ve always had a leaning towards fine art even though I graduated as a designer from the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town.

Many of Neel’s creations can be seen in private collections all over the world, some dating back to Neel’s high school years.

A few recent works.


Quick landscape Escondido Beach, Malibu

Much of my artwork is now available as limited edition signed Giclée art prints.

Giclée prints are the closest duplication of an original work as possible. I offer 2 sizes printed on archival Somerset Fine Art Paper. Large 16″ x 20″ for $135 and smaller 11″ x 14″ for $85. US shipping is included. There is a one to two inch white border around each image. Use Paypal paid to the account of

Editions are limited to 25 prints. Signed and numbered.

Please contact me at if you’d like to order.

Size 11″ x 14″
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Size 16″ x 20″
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Côte d’Azur Series

Going to the Dogs Series.

Currently working on a book with this title.

Daily Drawings of Women Series.

From my book with the same title. Available on Amazon.

Working hard on a new book of dog drawings called “Going to the Dogs”

I’m working on a book of dog drawings and comments. Here are some of the artwork that will be in the book. Enjoy and feel free to comment.


My book, Daily Drawings of Women is available at Amazon or at my publisher, Sulby Hall’s website.


This is the first in a planned series of books. It is basically a collection of drawings and artwork of my favorite subject: women.
So far it has had a very good response.

See some sample pages and reviews at:

You can also see it at my publisher, Sulby Hall’s website.

Some sample pages from the book:

Drawings of the Day

I’ve been drawing a new drawing every day for about a year and a half. These are some of them. Some have appeared in my book, Daily Drawings of Women available at Sulby Hall publishers or Amazon.

A number of these drawings have been sold as original art. Let me know if you are interested in owning any of these. I can also arrange to have limited fine art prints made to any size.

Tribe from the Future

Metal canvasses and iconic graphics. Tribal signs from the future.