Some random new drawings

The Pier as seen from Surfrider Beach
The hills are rolling
Skating on thin ice
If the Pacific is on your left, you’re heading North
South and West
Coral tree
Flowerly Disaster
Tiny Landscape
Hick Town
Someone at the door
Too strong in color
Somewhere in the distance. Iewers daar vêr.
Easter Tulips
Easter Friday
Vaguely Familiar
One Horse Town
PCH with light traffic
She sprang forth in blue (voortgespring met blou)
View of…
Catching some light
All squared up
Humphry and friends
The Passage of Time
The Pier from Afar
The Culprit
Malibu Pier
Land Escape
Taken Outside
Had to draw a hat
Animal Control
Quick Landscape
Middel Mannetjie
Garden Party Guest
Communicating by Landline
Exercise is good
Hat Trickster
Getting Dark
More Rain
Back Again
My Other Half
Dog Park
Man of Letters

Under the wire on our street
Doorway today
Texas Highway
Tree meeting
Running with the ball
Where did I put my glasses?
Electric Sky
Looks Horsey
Walking Tall
Private jet on its way to another climate change conference
Holy Cow!
Beside the Seaside
Grand Entrance
Feeling Field
Western Gaze
Some Trees
Reddy when you are
Disorderly moment
Ant having his lunch
Waiting man
Dog Walk in the Country
Blizzard Queen
Drama Queen
Dusk Dudes
Stepping Out
Jne with Helen’s Horse Elvis
Country road with Poplars
Body Language
Peaceful in the AM
Spot the human
Mister Sadman
Beside the Seaside
This man’s best friend
Runaway Model
The Jitters
An A
Quick Country Road
Decided to draw a bird
My Other Half
Show Girl
The Rain Comes from the North
Nothing to wear
Ballerina girl
Don’t look back
Persona Non Grata
Comfortable figure
Windy Way
Malibu Pier
Felt like doing an abstract
Tried to draw a horse
Traffic on PCH
Empty Chairs
Leggy dog lover
Seeing spots
Rollin’ Hills
A bird
Fast woman
Red head

Man oh man
4 Chommies
4 Chommies
Long Face
Red Stole
Bump in the Road
Malibu at Heathercliff
Look Up
Hourglass Girl
Westward Beach Malibu
PCH Traffic

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